Review Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all the books I review have been purchased by me, or borrowed from the library.

I am open to review requests from both traditional publishers and indie authors. I will endeavour to review all the books I choose to read but I reserve the right to decline to review a book if I feel it was not for me. I accept books formatted for kindle (.mobi), and in print.

My favourite genres to read are:

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Dystopian

However, I am always open to reading something new, so feel free to ask if your book falls outside of these categories and I will see if its something I think I will enjoy.

I will post my review in full on this blog and include a post on my Instagram linking to the blog post. I will also post my review on Goodreads. I use a five star rating and as I mentioned above, I will only review a book if I think it is three stars or above.

If you are interested in submitting a book for consideration, please use the contact form on my website, or email me at Please include the following information:

Book title and author
A full Synopsis
The publication date

I will endeavour to get the review done within a month of receiving the book, but this may not always be possible, so please specify if there are any time constraints.

Finally, Thank you for your consideration. I love to read and discover new books and am always excited to hear from people in the community.